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At 9:27 PM, David Jr. said…

OL, when you’re in Cali, check to see if there is a Peets coffee in town. (none in Lodi, though)
They sometimes have WiFi, but more importantly, they have the best roast I’ve ever tasted.
P.S. I agree with the Alanis thing. haha. Or any artist who decides to sell their CD through SB. Eeeck.

Hola David… I hope you are not going to take this too hard, but if Starbucks were to decide to sell, and most importantly play Winter Rose in their cafes I would jump at the chance. Yes, sir!

I think their customers would love hearing Winter Rose instead of the usual Starbucks music selections, don’t you think? More people would get exposed to our music. That could make a big difference for us.

Last night I woke up around 4AM and decided to listen to La Semana for the first time in many weeks. That’s a fine record. Nothing like it out there anywhere. Not in the US of A and not in Spain or anywhere. Flamenco with an American groove! Unique. I smiled a big smile in my dark bunk. Then I listened to Winter Rose and was just as pleased! Great guitar sound, a little better than La Semana even, I think. Different, of course… more introspective… but very beautiful with wonderful bass work from Jon… I want to make this music available for people and I think Starbucks would be a good way to reach a bigger audience.

Hm, that said, Peets does make some fine coffee. I have friends who travel with their Peets beans, because they are addicted to them… Me, I am more of an Illy guy, with a fondness for our local Ohori’s burned coffee. Every single roast they make is dark, dark, dark and makes a lovely brew.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Better guitar sound than La Semana! I can’t wait until November. Of course it’s hard to think of “Winter Rose” at 112 degrees. Things will cool soon enough though.

    How can sales through Starbucks be arranged? How much “label power” is required?

  2. Borya

    i agree with matt and have another remark: introspective? can’t wait until november.
    and it would be damn cool if good music such as yours would be played in those places. although i hardly ever go to such cafes or restaurants.

  3. Just Me

    “That’s a fine record.” lol
    Ottmar, what an understatement. I’m not wishing summer to be over but I am looking forward to “Winter Rose”.

  4. David Jr.

    Hey OL – Nothing taken hard at all! And yes, from your perspective, I totally agree. I would rather hear your music in coffee shops than some of the other music they play and the exposure would be great. I think you also gave me a good idea. ;o)

    We have a cafe that serves Illy here in Alameda, and yes, excellent tasting bean and roast. Will mail order some Ohori’s as well, as I always like trying different coffees.

    Looking forward to Winter Rose. The show at the Mt Winery was excellent (and not cold haha). It was my brother’s first time seeing you guys play and he was in awe. And he’s the one that got me into guitar playing!

    Good luck with the rest of the tour and see/hear you in Saratoga again soon.



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