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Hello from our bus, which is about to scale the hills leading to the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. We had a great time performing in Lodi last night. Nice Performing Arts Center, a friendly staff, and a great audience. First real show in days, our Lighting Designer said to me. You see, outdoor shows or clubs don’t count for LDs…


  1. Brad

    I made the drive down from Sacramento to make this one! This was a simply amazing show. The center has absolutely WONDERFUL acoustics, and the audience was great. The seats my girlfriend and I had (first row; she’s legally blind) allowed her to finally see who is actually playing the music she’s amazed by! She almost was swatted though by Brendan’s didgeridoo as he walked by for the second set!

    I do have to say that this is the tightest I’ve heard OL and Luna Negra, EVER. The percussion duets and solos were unbelievable. From the look on your face, liked them too!

    Thank you for signing the CDs as well. That made the night! See you both nights in Reno!


  2. Yumiko

    Wonderful performance! A long standing ovation, a full house and a wildly appreciative audience all around.
    And yes, please tell your Lighting Designer that the lighting matched the music in intensity, timing and mood.
    So great!! Audiences in Saratoga, Nevada and Colorado have a big treat in store for them. The quality of the music was fantastic!

  3. Yumiko

    Brad’s post reminded me of how long the line of people to have their merchandise autographed was that night. The line went from the north side entrance to the south side where Ottmar was seated at the signing table. It looked everyone in the theatre was in the line!


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