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We had a great time in Portland last night. While the neighborhood around the Aladdin Theater is not as much fun for us as the area near the Crystal Ballroom, I do think the Aladdin sounds better. Our Portland audience once again proved themselves to be one of the best in the country – besides Portland I would have to mention Atlanta in this respect! Just the right amount of attentive, enthusiastic and sophisticated!! By the way, I am very pleased with the great reception the opening piece – Silence – No More Longing – is receiving. The band sounded fantastic last night and the music played itself. An altogether wonderful and lovely experience. My sincere thanks to last night’s audience!


  1. LunaDauhnn

    Bravo, Ottmar and LN!
    Last night’s show was soooo wonderful. I’m so glad I attended. It was my first opportunity to see you guys; I have wanted to since ’99 or so…

    Hope you don’t mind crazy fans like me in the middle of the front row throwing flowers…

    BTW: Percussion was AWESOME and I have to say that I didn’t think much about how intergral your percussionists are to the flamenco sound until I saw them perform.


    It’s just too bad that your tour didn’t allow you to spend more time here in Portland. The area that the Aladdin is in is kind of an, ahem, “armpit,” there is so much to do/see here and such an ambitious creative scene…I love it, even tho I long for the SW sun…

    Thanks, again, to you and the band for such a wonderful show!


  2. carolo

    I hope you’re back in Portland often. As you could tell, we really appreciate your music.


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