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Genpo Roshi wrote:

I loved the music and I have come up with a couple of titles, of course you don’t have to use either of them. Don’t feel obliged. One is “No More Longing” and the other one is “Silence”.

I think the title should be:

Silence: No more Longing (for Genpo Roshi and the Kanzeon Sangha)

– and I shall end the piece with a single harmonic note in a sea of reverb…


  1. Adam Solomon

    And isn’t it interesting, in a way, compared to Longing (6against4) on La Semana? I guess there isn’t meant to be a connection between the two songs, and I’m also guessing that Genpo’s title refers at least partially to the Buddhist philosophy of disattachment, which begs the question–where does the “longing” of the first song fit in? Longing in the verses, then release in the chorus, that’s what the liner notes say and that’s made obvious by the music itself. So what do we take from this? They don’t clash, I think–it’s not like the first song, about Longing, gives the wrong message, idealizing something that shouldn’t be. It shows simply that the happiness is achieved when the longing is let go of. I think both songs show that, then, and they differ in this way: “Longing” shows the happiness gained when longing is released by the achievement of the goal longed for, while “Silence…” shows the happiness from simply letting go of the longing.

    Does that make any sense? It’s late in Israel :-[ And Felix Mizrahi is doing wonderful, a show every night :)

  2. Borya

    add a “false” note at the end, like the arab composers do

  3. Just Me

    oh my, adam, well said.

  4. Adam Solomon

    hehe oh, well thanks heather :) Out of curiosity–I’m surprised this hasn’t been asked yet–who is the Kanzeon Sangha?


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