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Article for SoCal.com by Sergio Martinez.


  1. Panj

    Excellent piece Sergio!!!

  2. Just Me

    Some days it takes me a long time to digest everything that OL posts. I finally read this article & it’s amazing: a few pieces of biography that I did not know.

    Ottmar, this blog of yours is such a treat. I feel like a school girl again trying to absorb all the new information that you provide us each time. You (and some of your fanmencos) have awakened in me a thirst for knowledge and art (of all kind) that has been suppressed for so long, pushed aside to make time for the day to day grind. I feel like my true inner self has finally found the light of day once again.

    I keep saying thank you and I want you to know that I really mean it: thank you for your music, your photos, your art, and most of all your generosity of spirit that shares your genius with all of us.


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