Newport Beach, the O.C.

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I haven’t drank half a bottle of wine during this whole tour, but this gig tonight calls for alcohol… and, ladies and gentlemen, I am on my second glass of Pinot Noir at 1PM. Look out!

Explanation: The audience always seems to drink heavily here in Newport – maybe I will enjoy that more when I am drunk as well…


  1. MichaelV

    I know the feeling. Right now I had 3 beers seating here in my computer room at home. Sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment and relax.

  2. Panj

    If you can’t beat them…join them…no?…:-)))

  3. olivia

    Dear Ottmar and Luna Negra;

    Drunkenness that you have left behind a blend of liquor which evaporates you into the mist of Pacific, into the stars of such night for glitterering of the souls, into such love in its making, into music…

    thanks and we’re waiting till the next time in which we can all let go for becoming the music… much love…….


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