Gorilla Suit

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Since I was a kid I have often noticed the gorilla suit

it’s a funny feeling – when your body appears to be a gorilla suit and you are peering through the eye-holes out into the world.

Delightful to breath, marvelous to move the arms or run, a joy to smile, beautiful to hear 360 degrees, amazing to see the world and all of its shapes…

I like this gorilla suit. It is very useful. I can sit and I can play guitar. I can eat and I can sleep. Tasting stuff is nice and smelling is great, too. Smiling at strangers is fun. Making music with a band is most exhilarating! And it is really great to get a standing ovation for something I love doing!

How do you like your gorilla suit? I hope you are also enjoying it very much. It is all there is, you know!

Or let me phrase that differently for those who disagree: (in the voice of Jack) What if this is as good as it gets!

Would you dig your gorilla suit more, if you positively knew this is it? Would you enjoy the light, the sounds, your family more? Would you take care of the animals, the environment?


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