Friday Morning

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If it is Friday, it must be the O.C. No merch sales at the Key Club in L.A. last night. Sorry if you came hoping to find that perfect T-shirt or a signed CD for Father’s Day. The Club wanted too much money and holmes don’t play that way.

Told my agent yesterday morning that it has got to be the Wadsworth Theater next time. Don’t want to play a club in L.A. again. Clubs have an advantage in L.A., because they are generally not unionized, which means the cost of playing there is lower. They also sell liquor, which means they can pay better. Unfortunately not a single person from the great crew at the Key Club last year was still working there this year and the day ended up draining all of us.

The sound on stage was not very good, and at one point I could hear another band playing on a different level of the club. But my L.A. friends who came, enjoyed the show and that’s what matters. Gigs like this one seperate the boys from the men and my band handled the situation brilliantly.

The percussion duet between Ron and Brandon keeps getting better!

The Untitled song, which was the May download in our Listening Lounge, is growing. We added a band section at the end of the piece in Alto, and in Phoenix we added a Bulerias section. This piece has a lot of different parts now that shift in a very nice and organic way. From the open solo section to a 4/4 section, where I play a tremolo and Jon solos beautifully, to a 6/8 strumming section, which changes to 12/8 Bulerias and back to 6/8 for the ending. Right now I think the piece is around 6 minutes long, but I expect the recorded version (for the up close CD) to be around 9-10 minutes, because we will extent the band section a little more.

I imagine I will start the up close CD with this piece, as I have always loved the feel of The Hours between Night + Day starting with Bombay, which also began with a solo guitar section. It seems to beckon a listener into the music…


  1. Matt Callahan

    Gee, why add a buleria section for the Phoenix show?

  2. Doug

    I found that piece to sound quite a bit like Bombay, almost a reinterpretation, if you will.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Oh, you’re such a tease! :) How I can’t wait to hear that…will the piece extend through to the holiday tour as well?

  4. Robin

    I attended the Key Club show last night…I would prefer to see you at the Wiltern next time, or some place similar. I did feel/hear the bass from the other music. And the din of talking from the back of the room definitely was disappointing. However, an OL show in LA is better than no OL show at all.

  5. Panj

    Ottmar…(koffff)…ummmm…ALL your Music beckons the Listner!!!…:-))))))))))

  6. Borya

    It has a touch of Bombay in the beginning but heads into a totally other direction.


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