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Santa Barabara – the SOhO Club tonight, then onwards to L.A. tomorrow. Went into L.A. yesterday to do a couple interviews for radio. A sea of cars… one passenger in each… is that really more freedom than mass transit? Is one person per car inching forward at a snail’s pace really a celebration of uniqueness and individualism? Just wondering.

Have you read Friday by Robert Heinlein? The book contains an interesting take on future transportation.


  1. princessflutter

    In L.A., apparently so.
    In San Jose, its the freedom to tailgate, cut people off and drive at ridiculous speeds just to show the guy who cut you off two miles back that you’ve qualified for the Indy 500. All without scaring the crap out of a passenger.
    Ah, the perks of road rage.

    flutter on…

  2. Eno

    I can’t imagine that figuring out how to solve the traffic “hot spots” would be that hard. You may need to do a little re-zoning. Plus, it would make L.A. a little less crowded if more people didn’t live here.

    I say tear out as many homes as needed and put in a big monorail system. Something that stretches across the four major parts of Los Angeles. Connecting the San Fernando Valley, the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles under one harmonious mass transit system.

    But hey kid??!! Where do we get the money…

    Legalize marijuana! Cops don’t even care anymore! Just legalize it and start getting taxes from it. Believe me, if more people have to pay taxes for drugs then more people will either have to work (or work harder) to get it or….stop smoking. Either way it’s a win-win situation. Right?


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