The Owl and the Bus

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New Bus at Spencer - 3
Jon Gagan explained the meaning of the owl decoy at the loading dock to me… check in later (or tomorrow) to find out!

BTW, the new busses are fantastic. Much quieter and smoother! Last year we used 1997 Prevost busses and the two we are leasing this year are 2004 and 2005 models. Yeah!

PS: Jon told me that an Owl decoy keeps rodents away from the loading dock and the trash containers.


  1. Robin

    If this is at one of your venues, I’m guessing the owl is there to keep other birds (like pigeons) out of the venue when the loading dock / doors are open???

  2. Panj

    Beautiful Machines!!!

  3. Carol

    And even the windshield wipers add an important artistic touch. Riding in a work of art…Just right for you.


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