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There were many delicious things on offer at Hemingway’s, but two were so good as to be life-changing. The first was a flourless, eggless dark chocolate torte, which had the consistency of the inside of a truffle and was served slightly chilled. There were medieval princes who spent lifetimes searching for experiences that did this sort of thing to your sensory apparatus. Whatever they found was nothing so good as this.

But the very best was their Mexican-style drinking chocolate, called the Montezuma, a viscous drink made with very bitter chocolate, seasoned with chillies, aged Cuban rum (I don’t drink, either, but I had two of these), and cinnamon and nutmeg. The longer I held sips of Montezuma in my mouth, the more flavors and subtleties I discovered. The chillies suffused my sinuses and the rum made my whole abdomen glow gently, like banked coals. This was, without a doubt, the best thing I ever tasted, and possibly the best sensation I’ve ever experienced. I’ve seen people in religious ecstasy. That’s what this felt like.
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If they don’t run out of chocolate by then I will experience the place in October. I will give you a detailed report.


  1. Robin

    Finally going, huh? Right on!

  2. Robin

    Finally going, huh? Right on!

  3. Carol

    I really like unsweetened cocoa in my chili. I don’t know about the rum….

  4. Borya

    Note to myself: remember what he wrote here. About the place, I mean. Not the time.

  5. Panj

    CLAPCLAPCLAP…You deserve such a wonderful rich reward, Ottmar!…:-)))

  6. McAuliflower

    What a wonderful drink description… I’d love to play with trying to recreate the recipe!

    It is a shame though that US culture has bastardized the word Montezuma (as in revenge…) so much that most American’s would think twice before reaching for such a named drink!


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