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Trying to get everything together, organized, packed, rehearsed for the tour… Arko, the big dog pictured above, is not well. Must find time on Monday morning before rehearsals to get him to the vet. His hip is really bothering him. Can barely get around now. Got stronger meds already, but the dog is starting to refuse to eat altogether, even his favorite – raw meat. In the end I will have to listen to him and follow his wishes. Such a proud dog! One of my engineers once remarked that Arko could have been a monk in his previous life, who had mistakenly returned as a Tibetan Mastiff… I have often felt that somebody was wearing a dog mask… you know like those guys in gorilla costumes in old movies – that’s how Arko often seemed to me. But damn is he stubborn… I have a great photo on the wall of Arko wearing a red and white Santa Claus hat. Took the photo for a holiday card a few years ago. I will scan it and show it to you. Looks very calm and serious.

Here is the photo I was talking about:
Arko Xmas


  1. Just Me

    getting old sucks…regardless of whether you are canine or human.

  2. Panj

    I don’t think Arko made a mistake at all…:-)…I think he knew just who he wanted to companion and guard!!! I can’t imagine, even when he has to take off his doggy suit, he will leave your side Ottmar! Like you said…a stubborn dog…:-)…HUGGSSSSSSSSS!

  3. Mel

    I am so sorry to hear about your companion. I understand how hard it is to let our companions go because I have had to do that several times myself, most recently my German Shepherd Fritz. If he isn’t eating, it sounds like he is letting you know he is ready to move on. My heart goes out to you though because regardless of whether or not our companions are ready to go, it is still very painful. I take comfort in knowing that I will see my companions again one day. Take care.

  4. Eno

    Dogs are really a Godsend. It’s hard to imagine anyone in this world who would abuse such an animal.

    I’m on the fence about the whole cow/meat thing.

    I love a good burger :( or :)

    I don’t know…

  5. Mel

    I’m with you Eric. I have been a “part time” vegetarian (I would eat meat about once or twice a month) for awhile and it wasn’t too bad. I keep telling myself that I would like to be a real vegetarian, but I love a good burger too. I’m sure one of these days I’ll go back to it.

    I’m down to four dogs since losing Fritz, as well as three cats, four guinea pigs, and five pet mice. I can’t imagine life without my animal kids and like you, I can’t imagine how anyone could abuse an animal. I think that people do it because it gives them a sense of power since they don’t feel they have any power in their own lives. Thus sayeth Mel.

  6. Carol

    I’m so sorry.It makes me wonder if he truly realizes what is happening to him. I hope he is as aware of everything as he seems to be. It’s always so hard when a person can’t explain to a child why they are hurting.
    He’s a noble dog.

  7. Panj

    OHHH Thanks for sharing that Christmas photo…:-)))))))))


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