A Stronger Guitar Case?

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A possible solution for flying with a guitar?

Although – I think what the baggage handler wants to destroy s/he will destroy… no matter how strong we think the case is. The web site does not mention prices, but I sent an email requesting a price list.

Thanks Mike.

I am told the stronger of the two cases they make for classical/flamenco guitars is $1,300. That’s a lot of money.

A little tip regarding cases: when selecting a guitar case, always pick a light color. I have seen cases baking outside in the searing sun – waiting for a delayed flight to arrive… if your case is black, it will get much hotter inside than if the case is white or a light grey…


  1. B


    What airline are you flying? I’ve NEVER had a problem with my acoustic Taylor as a carry-on – and it’s fairly large, but fits perfectly in the overhead bin.


  2. Ottmar

    Well, Brian, I can’t take a chance on that with my guitar. Taylor’s are great, I have one of their steel string guitars, but they are factory made and can be replaced. A DeVoe is around 6,000-7,500 dollars and Lester has a sizeable waiting list… and that means I can’t take a chance meeting a mean flight-attendant who might not allow me to board. The overhead bins of the new Brazilian jets everybody is switching to are significantly smaller – so if you haven’t flown with your guitar in a while, lookout!


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