Modifying Feeders

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The Best-1 hummingbird feeder is popular because it’s cheap and easy to clean. It also offers some degree of bee resistance, at least until the bottle threads wear and leak. However, its port design poses a potential threat to hummingbirds.

And it seems that the Best-1 feeder is a knock off of a real classic, the Tejas hummingbird feeder, which is modeled after an even older feeder.

A feeder legacy featuring timeless style, the “handcrafted metal” Tejas is modeled after the original metal Texas Hill Country hummingbird feeder, and has been produced for over 30 years — Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine- April 2002. And if “imitation is the finest form of flattery”, then we’re flattered that the Tejas has now been copied by no less than four (4) manufacturers who extrude a plastic version of the Tejas!

I modified my three feeders this afternoon. Would not want to come back from the retreat I am going to all next week and find dead hummingbirds…


  1. Just Me

    Does this mean no more posts for a week? oh well, I am sure you will come back with great photos.

  2. Panj

    …:-(…and I thought the painting of the por lil dead blue bird was sad…:-(…GOOD thing the situation is being rectified!!!
    …Thanks Ottmar for passing this on…:-)))


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