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ottmar: The New Age Southwestern style acoustic guitar music that stores and resturants use as background music over the PA system. The word is derived from Ottmar Liebert, whose music it likely is.
Example: The bird seed supply changed to some pleasant ottmar and saw sales go up.
At dinner with his wife, the ottmar set the mood.
Argh ottmar! This store won’t have shotgun shells.


  1. Yumiko

    If that is not the sure sign of fame…what else is?

  2. Adam Solomon

    I think “ottmar” was used in a different context in the last one….haha

  3. Just Me

    widgets…and now this…you have “ARRIVED”!!

  4. Victor

    Dang, I’m sorry to report I’ve only heard Ottmar in a restaurant once! Obviously the author comes from a much more highly cultured community than myself.

  5. Just Me

    Actually I’ve heard ottmar a few places & I’m always amazed because my kids recognize the music (I guess I’ve taught them well.)

  6. Panj

    ***At 5:15 AM, Just Me said…
    widgets…and now this…you have “ARRIVED”!!***

    LOL…yes yes…the world has been Ottmarized…:-)))

  7. Wendy

    That’s for sure! I saw a musician playing not long ago, and he was described as playing “Ottmar Lieber” style!!

  8. djalisgypsy

    I constantly Ottmarize my freinds! It’s fun! I remain silent until they ask me who the artist is! Lol! At my summer campground, when I volunteer at the front office, I infiltrate the pa system with Ottmar! It works really well!


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