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I am trying to simplify.

Looked into, which leads to, a company that has registered 35,000 names!! Then I checked, which leads to a blank German Page, and, which is owned by

I guess that would have been to easy. People are less likely to misspell just ottmar than ottmarliebert…

At this point it is set up so that if you enter you will get re-directed to the homepage at If you misspell Liebert, which is probably the most common misspelling: – you also get re-directed to

I think I will change that to the homepage being located at and the other two domains forwarding to it. On recordings I will not use the + Luna Negra name anymore, starting with Winter Roses as it seems to confusing.

Just look at this page of the infamous All Music Guide, which shows my photo together with a release by some other band called Luna Negra. Here you can find their album, apparently a Cuban band that calls itself Luna Negra. Now, I believe I could prevent them from using the name Luna Negra in this country, because I have used it for 15 years, but is that worth the attorney fees.

And just now I found this. There was a horror film made called Luna Negra


  1. Greg Hale

    Ok..I got a bit frustrated by this for my business…I was curious so I also tried,.net,.org and found those to also be occupied. Isn’t there supposed to be some new suffixes available? I’m not certain what they are or if they are even available yet.

  2. Matt Callahan

    Simple is good but I wonder about your identity and how people envision who you are. I think most are more likely to associate your first and last name together. Two of my three kids are surrounded by you every day and still refer to you as Ottmar Liebert. My youngest still calls you “tar-man” though. Hey, maybe

    When speaking to people about your music, I use both your first and last name. A short bio typically follows. It’s very easy to direct people to It has a nice ring to it and won’t likely be misspelled. Didn’t you arrange for to route to the correct address sometime back? If not, could you now?

  3. Carol

    When I first got on line back in ’94 was it? for the main purpose of finding your site, I started to copy it and Michael said, “Just search for Ottmar” and there you were.

  4. Borya

    My experiences tell me the same as Matt wrote. When talking about you, I use your full name “Ottmar Liebert”. And I think it’s good because it has rhythm and melody. and are cool adresses, not too complicated. It’s more a question of spreading those adresses IMO.

  5. Adam Solomon

    Greg–there are plenty of new suffixes, and have been for quite a while, but .com, .net, and .org remain the only predominant ones, and probably will for some time.

  6. Aberrones is available. Not sure if you think the .us is a cheesy ending or not. Just a thought.


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