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Ich hab’ den Tiger im Tank. I am Tiger-ized. It rocks.


  1. Cesco

    I checked the Applepage, that baby looks pretty smooth at all… got to think about to buy it, that WINXP dirt give me the creeps in combination with Cubase!

    Hehe Ottmar du sprichst ja noch immer Deutsch, wer hätte das gedacht. ;)

  2. Adam Solomon

    You have the Tiger in the Tank? I think my German’s off (as is the Babelfish translator) :)

  3. Just Me

    Adam: it’s from an old Esso commercial: “Put a tiger in your tank.” But knowing you, you probably already knew that.

    Pretty astute of Apple to resurrect an old advertising slogan & completely change the meaning of it. Actually, as I look through the web page I don’t think they’re using the slogan: it’s the media who has resurrected it. Still…pretty smart.

    Sorry…I’m not a MAC user.

  4. Adam Solomon

    ~sigh~ no, i’ve never heard it :( Probably too young….hehe


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