Musicians Earplugs

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This is for E.N., who likes to crank the music…

The ES49 is the earplug of choice for the performing musician or concert goer. Whether you are into Mozart or Metallica, the flat attenuation (noise reduction) characteristics let you hear your music accurately but at a safer level. The ES49 is a canal only earmold that is very small and unobtrusive. With a choice of either the ER9, ER15 or ER25 filters, the ES49 is the choice for the most discriminating performing musicians or music lovers. Because impressions of your ears must be made in order to build your custom earplugs, you must contact a hearing healthcare professional to get started.

I have been using these for over a decade now, going to concerts or a club, sleeping on a tourbus and always on airplanes. Unlike earplugs you buy at the store, these earplug are sophisticated and remove 9, 15 or 25db across the spectrum, and that means you can still hear the flight-attendant asking you for your choice of chicken, beef or fish. I highly recommend these for anyone who wants to keep their hearing.

And those are not antennas, that’s what you pull on to get them out of your ears and you can trim them back…


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