Official U.S. time

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Pick your time zone…


  1. Ole

    You have to love Indiana, where some counties are on Central Time, some on Eastern Time, some observe daylight savings, and some don’t. People in Indiana talk in terms of “fast time” and “slow time”, and in some cities you could hear things like “I’m meeting him at 5:00 fast time”. There’s even a town called Santa Claus (not making this up) where some businesses are on slow time part of the year, and others are on fast time. Most of the time “fast time” is an hour ahead of “slow time”, but there are times when they are equal. Whew.

  2. Just Me

    I like that: fast time and slow time. In Canada the province of Newfoundland is a half hour different..A HALF HOUR…what is that all about??!!! 9:00 PM and 8:30 in Newfoundland.


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