Monday + Butterflies

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The scene is the same whether you’re strolling by the river or trudging through open fields of flowers. If there’s an ample supply of flowers, there are butterflies. And this year, experts say, there are more of the critters about because of increased rain and snow totals across the Southwest and northern Mexico.

More rain on Sunday and last night. A beautiful slow, drizzly rain that soaked everything. We discover grass everywhere, and weeds that we had not seen in years. The lilacs are about to bloom and the cherry trees are full of blossoms.

Have you ever smelled cherry blossoms? It’s a devine scent, a lovely, sweet and fragile promise of the fruit to come. Our two trees are still very small, but like last year we are hoping for one cherry pie. Funny, I can’t write or think the words cherry pie without hearing Sade sing sweet as cherry pie in my mind.


  1. Matt Callahan

    There were small Monarch butterlies everywhere yesterday afternoon. They seemed to enjoy resting on the sunflowers I planted on Sunday.

  2. Carol

    I’d like to think there were some of them I “raised” here. Well, I only provide the milkweeds in my yard,and they provide the miracle of those striking caterpillars reincarnating into those breathtaking Monarchs.

  3. Borya

    Just am back from Lower Saxony where in the garden of my cousin’s house two cherry trees are blossoming right now. On Sunday I played with my cousin’s son under those trees and still my nose is full of that scent!


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