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I am told that all of La Semana, including the Limited Edition only Bonus Track Market Day, 4 tracks from nouveaumatic – that would be the four for which I own the publishing: Twilight Rain (Red Moon Version), Sao Paulo (Bass in my Pocket), In the Arms of Love (1982 Fragment Version), and Quiet Dawn (Spacedrops Version), and Jon Gagan’s Transit will be up on iTunes within a couple of weeks.

Those of you reading this Diary for a while know that I have been working on this since June 2003, when I tried to get nouveaumatic on iTunes. I am pretty excited about this finally happening!!

The work in the studio is going well, and I am right on schedule. Winter Rose is almost done. I need to do one guitar solo and then fine-tune the mixes. I am glad I am engineering this album by myself, as I did with La Semana, because there is one song that makes me break out into spontaneous dancing every time I work on it…


  1. Eno

    Woo Hoo!!!

    Glad to hear it.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Yay!! :)

    So is Winter Rose the album’s definite name, then? Or just a song?

  3. Luz

    That’s what I was wondering? I like the name Winter Rose for a CD title.

  4. Adam Solomon

    And it’s also great that Market Day is going to be on Itunes….that’s one of my favorite songs on the album, I’m glad those who didn’t buy the LE can finally listen too!! :)

  5. Carol

    When one thinks of the courage it took to leave the safe but binding haven of major record labels into an unknown territory. You were a pioneer, and you have proven that a great artist with a great mind can succeed and not be a slave to the will of the bosses’ whims.
    and look at you now. Well, I’m listening to La Semana, and anyone who has heard it is hungry for all of your albums. “Nouveaumatic is a great album too. there may be some just now discoving that. What a wonderful surprise.

    “Cave in my Heart” fills my heart.

  6. Ole

    Since you finally have La Semana on iTunes – congratulations – does this mean you won’t have as much trouble getting them to carry Winter Rose?

  7. Robin

    Spontaneous dancing is good!!!

  8. Panj

    Yes..yes…Carol… courageous!… and steadfast!…not to mention pretty darn smart…:-)))
    I have often thought of Ottmar’s music as liberating to one’s soul, now I am seeing his affect on the freeing of Art itself…a true Champion!
    Congratulations Ottmar…both on the exposure and Winter Rose…must admit I am ever so curious as to the piece that sets your feet a flying…:-)))
    Thank You for everything!!!!!

  9. Wendy

    Yes, I must confess! It is a wonderful side effect of your music…spontaneous dancing! Looking forward to your new one, Winter Rose.


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