Dashing Delivery

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Dashing Delivery: (505) 983-DASH

This is for when you are staying in Santa Fe and don’t want to leave your room…


  1. Carol

    Dang! I just checked the range, and they don’t deliver to South Dakota. It sounds so good too. but who would go to Santa Fe and want to stay in their room. I love that place.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Mmmm, food sure does sound good right about now…

  3. Panj

    …LOL…does it mean one is a food junky, if one sits and reads menus from 1,000 miles away???

  4. Just Me

    Lamb potstickers from Mu Du Noodles….oh, I am drooling! I guess if they don’t deliver to South Dakota they won’t cross the border, either. And Panj, join the club….I am a food junky & am reading these menus….I wonder where I can get food like that close to home. Forget the home delivery, though, I just want to go to each and everyone of those restaurants.

  5. Panj

    Ohhh yes…’just me’…restaurant hopping…:-)))


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