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Music: Un Momento en el Sonido – Vicente Amigo

Google has been improving their local mobile search. This morning, I took my Treo 650, opened the browser, and typed When that page opened I put in wine, 87501 – wine being the search-term, and 87501 the zip code, separated by a comma. I received several good choices and the option to zoom in on a map or get driving directions. This is going to be a fantastic tool for touring musicians!

Now, regarding the music I am listening to: it is Vicente Amigo’s new album. As of last week his web site had not even been updated in over a year, but today there is a notice that a new site will be up on April 22nd. This is not a personal site, but a BMG or should I say SonyBMG site. I assume that this is his personal site.

In any case… the music, what about the music. Nine tracks with a tenth track, called a Bonus Track, a different arrangement of one of the nine. I thought the opening track was very disappointing, but the second track is wonderful. Vicente tags the second cut buleria composition and what makes this piece so wonderful is not the lyrics about his friend, a torero – now there is something I could never get used to or even watch once: a bulllfight – but the way the music moves from a 4/4 rhythm to a Bulerias. Brilliant segue! He sets it up with some rhythmic accents and then slides right in there… brilliant. My favorite pieces on the album.

I haven’t seen a street date for the USA, where he is marketed by Windham Hill. You can order the album from, where the CD is almost 6 Euros cheaper than at But, thirty bucks, when you add shipping, for an album with nine pieces is quite a bit of scratch.

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  1. Damon

    I agree, the rumba/buleria is an excellent idea and a BEAUTIFUL composition. I was a little confused when I was listening to the track “Campo de la Verdad” and it said buleria? then it made sense midway through the track. He does this a lot at his concerts. Vicente is definitely a pioneer, I’ve only heard a couple of rumba/tangos mix before by other artists but nothing with two totally different palos. It seems nobody had the “cojones” to come out with one OR just did not have the ideas musically.

    At first listen, VA’s new CD was dissapointing IMO, but the melodies slowly creep up on you and now I’m hooked. Great ideas on the Farucca and Tangos too. Who is that female cantaora on Tangos track? I was mesmerized when she sang the first letra. The track 8 buleria is very nice as well – nice touch with simple piano intro descending C/F. I didn’t care for the bonus bolero track, the original was more meaningful, (label’s idea?)but that’s just me. Another thing I noticed was how Vicente’s intros are very well thought out – always dramatic/delicate regardless of the palo. Reminds me of how movie soundtracks are arranged..very nicely done, inspiring.

    Great site Ottmar. Sorry for the long comment :)


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