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And I thought I had come up with a unique solution! Damon wrote:

I saw Paco de Lucia’s concert last year and he was using a foot stool on his right leg as well. I’ve seen a lot of guys doing this nowadays. I also use one when I play, I can’t cross my legs for long periods of time or my right leg will fall asleep. :) Manolo Sanlucar plays like this as well

Just goes to show… William Burroughs was right when he wrote, and I paraphrase:

Ideas don’t belong to a person, they belong to a time.

When you research most inventions you will find that in many countries people came up with similar ideas at the same time. Some were obviously more successful than others, but nevertheless many had the same idea at the same time. Thanks for the link to the Manolo Sanlucar photo, Damon.

I have been using the stool all week while I was recording guitar parts for the album, and my back feels a lot better.

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  1. Matt Callahan

    For those interested, try a google search of “simultaneous invention”. Fascinating stuff.


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