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Not one crash since I moved the HD cards from the Magma chassis to the Mac! Everything is working perfectly, knock on wood. Recorded melody and solo for the piece in 21/8. What has always worked well for me is to listen to something over and over until it is internalized. I learned bulerias when I was in my late twenties, and what helped me then was to program a drummachine with a bulerias pattern and to let it play softly while I was sleeping.

With the 21/8 piece, as with all music in odd time signatures, I felt it was important to feel the rhythm rather than counting along in my head. For a few weeks I have been listening to the music and yesterday I was able to come up with a nice melody and solo that simply flowed.


  1. Adam Solomon

    That’s a really smart idea, especially for learning a fairly complex rhythm like a bulerias. When I was studying for my bar mitzvah, I actually made a tape of my rabbi singing my Torah portion and played it in my headphones every night as i slept…haha…sleep-listening definitely engrains something in your head.

  2. cherleen

    i love your music,i am listening now:)

  3. Panj

    …starting to salivate…:-)))


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