Respect the Ditch

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But you know, we saw a Hummer in the ditch too, come to think of it. My little front wheel drive Honda Accord made it much farther than that gargantuen Hummer. Why? Finess. Why? Agility. Why? Cuz I know I’m not invincible. I respect the ditch. In fact here’s an offering to all who own SUVs and Semis; The rubber on your tires is the same as the rubber on the tires of a Yugo. See? Rubber + Ice = Slip. Period. If I sound snotty it’s because 75% of the cars in the ditch were Semis and SUVs, exactly the vehicles that are supposed to be all-weather, but people think because their driving something big the laws of physics will somehow morph to accomodate them. Rubber + Ice = SLIP.
(Via stuart davis’s blog)

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  1. Carol

    Nothing like horsepower really!!

    When son Jeff was serving in Bosnia, their Hummer got mired down. They tried to pull it out with other Hummers and military equipment. Finally a farmer got it out with his horses.


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