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Music: a new Blues in Buleria time called Winter for the Holiday album

3-4 inches of snow on the ground since this afternoon with a forecast of 27 degrees overnight – and for Monday the forecast is 60-70 degrees and Sunny.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Ooooh, a new buleria for the album! Sounds very exciting, as I’m sure Matt + others would agree! :)

  2. Matt Callahan

    He’s teasing me Adam. I’m sure of it. Is it Christmas yet?

  3. Borya

    With a song titled simply “Winter”, OL’s teasing me! :-)

  4. Carol

    It just makes me smile and sigh to think there will be even more music that we can experience with just a push of a button over and over and never ever tire of. No other music remains like an old friend yet exciting and new every time.
    You’re getting more moisture… Santa Fe, the mountain swampland.

  5. Adam Solomon

    I think it’s in a couple of weeks, Matt….I hope….right? Oh, no, it’s only March ~sigh~ Well, it’ll be here eventually!

    Carol, it’s letting you comment now, I see. :)


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