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You are speeding along on your bike, feeling good about the exercise and the total lack of emissions, when your reverie is broken by the jazzy hum of your cellphone’s tune. Do you fumble through your pockets in a panic, knowing your charge is low and wondering if this will be more important than the usual “Hello, where are you?” Or are you fully outfitted with the Pedal & Power phone charger, your mobile phone resting safely in the holder on your handlebars, juicing up with each turn of your pedals?
(Via Treehugger)

You can buy it here. Great gift for any teenager, who needs to stay in touch with his/her peers. On the other hand methinks that biking in this car-land is dangerous enough without any distractions, and that biking is a great time to unplug from modern life.


  1. Dawn

    People spent way too much time on the phone, don’t you think. I wish I could throw mine away in a field when I go riding on my bike:)

  2. Just Me

    Why are we so afraid to be alone? Would it really matter if that person on the phone didn’t get hold of you for an hour while you were out riding your bike? or driving your car? or eating in a restaurant? They can wait….so can you.


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