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I am having some issues with this diary. It is slow and often I get double or triple posts, which only show up half an hour later. Don’t know whether it is on my server side or whether Blogger is experimenting with their code. All I know is that I don’t have time for this right now and will only be able to post when I have the time to sit around waiting to fix stuff…


  1. Ole

    OL –

    You might consider Typepad as an alternative. I know you switched from Radio to Blogger so you can have a web-only blog, which makes sense since you travel so much. You might not want to switch again. But I’ve found Typepad to be much nicer than Blogger, and they have real support which replies to emails and fixes stuff, unlike Blogger which has now been absorbed into the Google borg.



  2. Eric

    It’s a Blogger issue – the load on our appservers has been incredibly high as of late. The Status blog has details

    (we just added a bunch of new servers yesterday, and things have gotten better, and we’re doubling the number in a few weeks)

    Thanks for your continued patience, Ottmar!


  3. Adam Solomon

    Ironically, this post appears twice.

    Ole, that’s a very nice borg, don’t knock Google :) But then again, I have bias, I’m officially NY State’s best high school Googler…lol…As Eric said, it’s just a Blogger issue, I’m assuming they’re working on making the service even better, so we might as well just live with it for now–it’ll pay off! :)

  4. Borya

    Thanks for the info, Eric!
    I just want to affirm that we all face this problem from time to time, OL.
    Best high school googler? What’s that? :-) Sounds like a Farah-Fawcett-feelalike contest…. ok, Adam, let’s email about this.


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