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Canton is off to Mexico until mid-May. He writes:

While my internet connectivity issues are woeful indeed, the palm-pilot music making frontier is golden. I purchased the full version of Bhaji’s loops this morning before hitting the road, once I had made sure I would be able to plug headphones into your Tungsten C. (No small matter. It requires *two* daisy-chained adapters that I tracked down, and one of them has to be just half-way plugged in for it to work at all.) Would you believe that the Palmstore doesn’t carry anything that lets you plug regular 1/8″ headphones into a Tungsten C? Never occurred to them. Amazing.

I gave Canton my Palm Tungsten C to take to Mexico. He will use it to make music and promised that we’ll put some of those new pieces up in our Listening Lounge for your listening pleasure. Music created on a Tungsten C – what will we think of next? ProTools on a watch?

Ah, and when he comes back in May we’ll tackle the new ListeningLounge, where you will be able to purchase music in different formats. Canton and I went over the details of how we will put it together and I am happy to tell you that we came up with a very, very cool shop. We will also continue to have some free downloads as before… Canton hopes that he will be able to put the actual shop together by August sometime. More on this later…


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