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Music: Songs From The Victorious City – Anne Dudley + Jaz Coleman

A few thoughts on recording acoustic music. This last week I have experimented with different resolutions of recording, from 16/44.1k to 24/192k and I have found that, at least for recording acoustic music, the choice of microphone and microphone pre-amp is much more important than the resolution. In other words a great microphone and pre-amp combo at 16/44.1k will sound better than a lesser mic and pre-amp combo at 24/192k. In other words, when you plan your recording budget put your emphasis on the microphone and pre-amp and not on the latest high definition recording gear. You can compare La Semana with other guitar recordings done at a much higher resolution and will find that my album sounds better for that same reason.

If that sounds like Greek to you, allow me to give you a simple image. A high-resolution photo of shit is still shit, get it or no? Now I shall wade through the water to the studio for some work. Locals say we haven’t had this much rain in 30 years…

PS: I was able to make some very nice Hi-Def recordings of the water in the arroyo below my house. Then I crumpled some leaves with one hand, close to two microphones, and that sounds amazing. I am enjoying the discoveries I am making with my new SD722 recorder and so far I am quite impressed with the Rode NT4 stereo microphone I am trying out. I like the idea of finding these sounds, rather than twiddling with knobs on a synth. You will be surprised when you hear the sounds I got with this whisk!!


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