The gr8 Purge of 2005

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As part of the great purge of 2005 these items will be sold on Ebay – I will put up a link to that when it is ready.

This guitar is a Gibson 335 in Pearl White from the Gibson Customshop. I bought the guitar new around 1984 and recently used it on the Opium album and on christmas + santa fe.

This was my first purchase upon coming to America. It is a 1979 Mesa Boogie Mk.2 guitar amp. I used it on The Hours between Night + Day, and on Opium. I think it was also the guitar amp for all of the Lava tracks, which you can find in our Listening Lounge.

This is the Groove Tubes amp that I used on tour from 1996 until 2000. It combines the real sound of great tubes with a speaker emulation, simulating the load of going through speakers, while being completely silent on stage. I used this amp on Mio Babbino Caro from the Leaning into the Night album.


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