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Santana Airplane from Lotus

This is part of the sleeve of Santana’s triple LP Lotus, recorded live in Japan. I received it for christmas 1975. When we toured with Santana in 1996 I asked him to autograph it. I had it framed with two of his picks. Carlos used the red pick in Phoenix during a luna eclipse/luna negra. His guitar tech made the notation on the pick. From the stage we had a perfect view of the lunar eclipse which was happening behind the audience. , , , ,


  1. will

    I missed your concert in Orlando and had a friend get me an autographed copy of La Semana and I am thinking about doing the same thing. Thanks for the autograph.

  2. djalisgypsy

    Very Cool! I love Santana, he’s up there with you as far as my favorite musical artists. I guess I just love a good guitar player! He and I share the same birthday July 20. I have the song from both of you on one of my cd’s. My favorite him is from the supernatural album, corazon espinado. A new favorite of mine also is the Los lonely boys which in some of thier songs, you can hear that Santana influenced them tremendously. I really dig the artwork on that also.

  3. Luz

    I remember when you were touring with Santana and the show stopped in Houston at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion. I was dying to go see that concert but overnight and during the day it stormed really bad and my car got flooded. For awhile it seemed like the concert would be a complete washout but the weather did clear up a bit and two other friends of mine managed to drive the 45 minute drive to the Woodlands from Houston to catch the show and they were just ranting and raving about how great it was. To this day, I am so regretful that I didn’t get to go.

  4. Elisabeth

    When he was young, my father played guitar. I remember he was listening Santana.

    I was brorn in 1975… In february, like you, Ottmar… I’m a small French fish who dream to cross the oceans to see you in concert !

    “Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them.” Oscar Wilde. I hope the translation is good !…

  5. Ali Dangote

    Carlos Santana and you have inspired many musicians around the world. My favorite song is Samba Pati which you did an outstanding improvised version.


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