Saffron Gates

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Christo Gates Saffron
Here in New York (and probably beyond) we’re eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s Central Park installation, The Gates. To honor the work and compliment its color, several local restaurants will be serving dishes with Saffron. On the list is:

Bolo (23 E. 22nd St., 212/228-2200)
Django (480 Lexington Ave., 212/871-6171)
Josephs (1240 Avenue of the Americas, 212/332-1515)
La Prima Donna Restaurant (163 W. 47th St., 212/398-3400)
Chelsea’s Finest Restaurants including La Belle Vie (184 Eighth Ave., 212/929-4320)
Mare (198 Eighth Ave., 212/675-7522)
Tello’s (263 W.19th St., 212/691-8696)
Cuba Cafe (200 Eighth Ave., 212/633-1570)
Piccolo (226 Third Ave, 212/420-0600).

via The Food Section
(Via Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting.)

I hope they are a little more creative than all serving up Paella…


  1. djalisgypsy

    I just want to walk or maybe run up and down that pathway and spin around under those veils or curtains while looking up. I have no idea where this thought is coming from, but, I had to express it!

  2. Panj

    LOL…perhaps the Gypsy in you, djalisgypsy…:-)


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