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There’s more good news about organic foods. In recent study, scientists from the Agricultural Research Service in Albany, California analyzed 13 different ketchup brands for their lycopene content, and surprise (not really) – the Organic brands had more. Lycopene, an antioxidant that for years has been known to have protective effects against breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers, is found in cooked tomato products like tomato sauce and, yes, ketchup.

I wish I could find an organic ketchup that tastes like Heinz…


  1. eric g.


    heinz manufactures an organic ketchup that is available here in canada, and it pretty much tastes the same as the non-organic variety – i’d be surprised if this product wasn’t available stateside. however, if you cannot track some down, let me know and i’ll send you a bottle or two. it is, after all, your birthday.

    ~eric g.

  2. Ottmar

    Thanks for the info. I shall look for it!

  3. Dave

    Trader Joe’s carries a tasty organic ketchup, at least up here in Seattle. I assume they all carry it. I can’t say whether it tastes like Heinz, but my food-fussy 10 year old likes it every bit as much. That’s saying a lot!

  4. djalisgypsy

    Apparently Heinz states this is available on your condiment grocery aisle. It’s also available at the website which sells an array of products. When I was in Canada a few weeks ago, I had some very unusual fruit ketchup. I’ve never seen in before until I was at a friends house in Montreal.

  5. James Wahlgren

    I’ll never go back to ketchup after discovering a great tomato paste from Italy. The brand is bionaturae. It’s organic, and it’s slower than Heinz.

  6. Carol

    There was a cafe around here that would refill Heinz ketchup bottles with a cheaper brand. Everyone figured that out pretty fast.


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