Supper with Stars

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Supper with the Stars is a UK-based company that lets you book former celebrities to come to your house and have a little chat. Remember the band ABC? (‘Poison Arrow,’ ‘Look of Love’). In return for a fee the trio will Martin Fry, ‘come to have dinner and talk through the old days.’ The only other celeb I recognize is Limahl, lead singer from Kajagoogoo (‘Too shy’). ‘Limahl will talk extensively about his experiences in the music industry and perform many of hit hits in a karaoke style. He will also take part in after dinner party games.’

Fees for each celebrity are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but costs range from £300 – £5,000 for a dinner, depending on the celebrity (assuming that a dinner sitting will last one and a half hours). The fee does not include travel expenses incurred by the guest (which need to be reimbursed separately).

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Can one request no whining?


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