Woodsongs Performance

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Flew ABQ-Chicago-Lexington. Both flights were on United Express using Brazilian Embraer 170 planes. Nice planes, but noisy. Luckily Jon and I were armed with our Bose QuietComfort2 headphones, which cut down on the noise considerably, but still airplanes should not be that loud.

Here is the highspeed Windows Media file of the show with our performance on Woodsongs on Monday. No low speed audio yet, but this is the page you would find it on. Check out the wonderful cellist who accompanies the host! More later…


  1. Victor

    Watched it over my lunch hour today – that was great! Really enjoyed that version of Barcelona Nights! But I didn’t recognized you with shoes on. ;-) I missed seeing Ron and Robby, but Brandon was very good filling in!

    Is that show broadcast on TV anywhere?

  2. Ottmar

    Our revolving door of percussionists: Robby is out, Brandon is in. The 2005 quartet will be OL, JG, Ron Wagner and Brandon Draper.

  3. Yumiko

    What a treat to see the performance! Lucky audience.

  4. Flavio

    Thanks Ottmar for sharing this file with us – great song versions and great interviews – it is always a pleasure to see you, Jon, and now, Brandon playing.

  5. Carol

    That was wonderful, and it is great to think of how many will get to experience it. To me it is incredible that every time we hear music of the same title, it has all those new brush strokes…always different and when yet even when I listen to the same recording over and over, it too is always unique. I always experience something I hadn’t before. How do you do that anyway?

  6. Matt Callahan

    Certainly a nice surprise for the end of the day. I was under the impression this was going to be a shorter spot for you. Seems like some nice exposure.

    The beard suits Jon. Will you be playing the role of the bald guitarist for awhile?

  7. djalisgypsy

    Bravo! What a wonderful performance. It was quite a pleasure to hear you speak too! :) Thank you for sharing that link with us! Glad you made it home safely, even though it was noisy :)

  8. Matt Callahan

    Whoa! I posted before I found out about the encore. No time limits? How about a nice extended version of Duende Del Amor? I loved the shots of the kids on stage dancing around.

  9. Adam Solomon

    Oh, Robby’s gone? That’s a shame, I really liked him, but Brandon can’t be bad either :) I’ll watch him in a second…

  10. Yumiko

    Thoughts about the performance from a non-musician:
    Loved how the instruments looked highlighted against the color of the clothing (blacks/charcoal grays).
    Impressive how each musical piece ended so together.
    Appreciated Ottmar, Jon and Brandon’s musical skills even more because the camera panned in to show how they played.

  11. Panj

    At 18:17, Adam Solomon said…
    Oh, Robby’s gone? That’s a shame, I really liked him, but Brandon can’t be bad either :) I’ll watch him in a second…

    LOL…to say the least…:-)))…I can’t even imagine the degree of artistry and technical expertise it would take to play and keep up with Ottmar…Congratulations Brandon!!! Hope Robbie is well!!!
    I am hoping to view and hear this performace tonight…”salivating”…somethning to get thru one of those rainy days!…:-))) Thanks all you guys…for sharing so much with us!!!

  12. Borya

    Is there a scheme behind it? And where do you pick up a new percussionist? Can they apply for the job?

  13. Yumiko

    Act quickly Boris. Email your resume…

  14. Borya

    Oh, hm, there’s nothing about percussion in my resume to be found, I fear. Gotta read through it again, can’t remember all I did in my lives …

    Downloaded the file today finally. Good quality. Nice haircut. Brilliant music.

  15. Adam Solomon

    And how about mediocre, underaged guitarists? Are you actively looking for them, as well? If so, I’ll send in my resumé right away!



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