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Ambiguity allows the reader to expand a thought as they wish.

A good example of this is Haiku poetry.
But, what is a musical equivalent? Ambient music like Eno’s On Land?
Or, a section of music that does not have a (obvious?) melody?
Maybe just an arpeggio and textures, using chords that feel open, like a major 9 chord?


  1. Sebastian

    I think this ambiguity has its grades. For example, as you mentioned it, by just not having lyrics, you let the listener “imagine more”. This ambiguity appears the moment one ore more elements miss(es). One of the elements can be the lyrics. Of course you can amplify the ambiguity by removing some more elements. However, I think that the remaining ones are bery important because they need to compensate the lack of the other elements(that were removed) in order to keep up the result. So, making great instrumental music should be harder than making “normal”(W lyrics) music. Futher more, making ambiental music should be harder than making rock music(example) because there’s the risk of making a dull tune that does not take the listener wher it’s supposed to…
    I hope I have a point here.

  2. Borya

    Isn’t that something you did especially on Dreaming with the short pieces like Bluedreamdrops or Ayer? You set a tone, a melody with the song ending quickly. But the melody you started goes on and on in one’s mind, not sure what direction it takes, everytime a new one …

  3. Matt Callahan

    For myself, the word ambiguity has a certain negative connotation. Under normal circumstances, I feel that it’s a word used to describe something in a less than positive light. In checking the definition of ambiguous, I found the original Latin form meant, “to wander”.

    Looking at this term in a new light, what could define musical wanderings more than OL’s music? Borya’s Opium example is a perfect place to begin. This music defies definition. I know this all too well as I’m currently trying to write my impressions for the forthcoming (sorry Adam, I’m working on it).

    To be perfectly honest, every one of Ottmar’s CD’s are excellent wandering material. Each gives you a ticket to travel wherever you wish.


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