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Took my Prius to the dealer for a Brake Light Switch Recall and a free navigation software update this morning. On the way back I selected the album On Land by Brian Eno on my iPod and adjusted the volume so that it was about the same as the traffic noises around me. Very interesting experience. Instead of being in the foreground, the music was merely coloring my world, just enough to tint the input to my ears. The music and the noise blended and became hard to distinguish.

While the Opium chair and an arm chair were untouched by the moths, I have already had to throw away three rugs and a sofa now. The exterminator we spoke to said that this was only the second case of moths he has ever had to deal with. There are no moths in New Mexico, which means this little plague was importet… from the East Coast most likely… carried home in the truck in 2003 riding comfortably in the pillows or rugs we had on stage…

Well, that was an expensive lesson. I guess the choice is between taking wool pillows and rugs and not touring on the East Coast again – or touring without rugs and pillows…hm…


  1. Borya

    Or maybe taking not so expensive rugs and pillows with you on tour and give them away afterwards after your last concert? I don’t know how much you use and how much it’ll cost but you don’t need to use 500 USD equipment (especially rugs I mean here). And you are already using a different chair, one that cannot be infected, right?

  2. Carol

    It’s a good thing you found it out before more of SantaFe became mothhaven.
    What are you doing with your pillows? I’d be very happy to buy a holey/holy pillow. Will they be on ebay?

  3. Adam Solomon

    No more touring on the East Coast?? But…But…I…we…you…but….oh, fine, I’ll just go to college out west :-[

    And Boris, when you finally get to see OL live, you’ll see, the rugs and chairs and all just add a whole new atmosphere to the setting. I think they really set the mood for the show, a traditional Morroccan look, almost, I don’t know if he really should get rid of it–$500 isn’t that much for a nice set, anyway :)

  4. Ottmar

    I think this little moth plague cost me more than five grand so far. I am going for a different stage look this year anyway… more about that much later…

  5. Chag

    Wow thats alot of money OL. An option could be obtaining a few insectivorous bats therefore alleviating your problem, since Moths are the entree on the menu for this type of bat. But this might create another problem down the line, like the lyssavirus. Bummer!

  6. Kelli

    My Mom has lots of Lavender and rosemary planted around our house in New Hampshire. It keeps the moths away as long as the outside lights aren’t on. She’s originally from Boston and lived in the city, so the bugs out here in the country where we live is her biggest issue with living in the middle of the woods. That’s why we live on the ocean in Maine in the summer lol! Her Herbal approach works quite nicely though..We listen to your music all the time, she has all of her (gypsy music as she calls it,) with her at all times, it’s really pretty to listen to by the campfire in Maine during the summer.

  7. Panj

    …ooooo yes…hol’e’y pillows to e-bay…then all we would have to do is figure out a way to keep the infestation from our area…deepsigh…bats would be nice…except for that virus…perhaps get a pair vaccinated? And bat poop is an excellent byproduct I hear…:-))) Perhaps locking the pillows in giant plastic bags with tons of lavander and rosemary (after an ‘organic’ bug bomb) would be easier, and they would smell ever so divine afterwards…:-)))
    Good Luck in your war Ottmar!…and…BON VOYAGE to all of you. May the road rise to meet you….!!!

  8. Ottmar

    I found out that there are many different types of moths. The big ones are harmless. It’s not even the little ones that actually do the damage… it’s their larvae that does… pheromone traps kill the male moths and the nasty moth-balls kill the larvae.


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