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float – a premium line of hand-made glassware / barware appropriate for hot or cold use.

Our master glassblowers in the Czech Republic, working with specialized lathes, torches and burners, handcraft float glassware, literally one piece at at time. float is made solely from the finest German borosilicate glass, an extremely pure and chemically inert material that is heat resistant, unlike other types of glass. The innovative design of float glassware is beautiful and highly functional. The unique suspended bowl shape insulates the hand from the liquid inside the glass, and also serves to elevate condensation away from a table’s surface, making the use of a coaster unnecessary.

Beautiful. I have no idea how exensive the stuff is, but the word premium scares me. I asked for a price list.


  1. James Wahlgren

    The beautiful tea lantern seen recently for $190CAD. I think the glasses are around 70 a pair.

  2. Eno

    Took a minute but I think I like them. They are kinda cool looking!



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