Do U Frog?

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Music: Fascinoma – Jon Hassell

Bluetooth FrogPad adds wireless capability to the flagship product. Bluetooth FrogPad is the missing piece for successful mobile products.

If I was a teenager I would get me one of these. I would be able to write with my left hand and practice rasguados with my right hand at the same time. Yeah, I would become a bad MF at typing and playing rasguados at the same time! Also good for drinking while typing.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hey–if you were a teenager and you could afford these…lol….remember the conditions.

  2. Ottmar

    Yes, I do remember. I worked in a big factory during the Summer when I was sixteen. The start siren went off above the factory at 7am and it was a 20 minute bicycle ride to the factory. But I was able to buy a few of the things I wanted.


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