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I have been playing Bombay every day this past week. I am coming up with some nice variations… So many possibilities with this song… I am working on some new ideas for the 2005 Xmas tour. Looks like we will start the day after Thanksgiving and will end on the day before Christmas eve in Colorado.


  1. Borya

    Sounds thrilling! Bombay was my starter back in 1995. The day before Christmas eve in Colorado. Perfect for Victor. Any idea which region you will tour yet?

  2. Adam Solomon

    That sounds really cool! Bombay’s such a versatile song live, I agree, the Listening Lounge version is a good example of that. I’d be really interested, though, to hear how you pull it off with the current quartet, with one guitar. Make sure to stop by NY for the XMas tour!! :)

  3. Carol

    That’s a coincidence. I’ve been playing “Bombay’ quite a bit this week too. Does it make you feel kind of dizzy and weak too? That music carries me to places that are not on this earth.

  4. Matt Callahan

    Looks like there is no such thing as a coincidence. I’ve been playing the 1999 Bootleg version over the last week.

  5. Victor

    Santa brought me “Leaning Into the Night” for Christmas, so I’ve been enjoying the orchestra version of Bombay recently! Incredible album, by the way!

    Two days before Christmas 2005 in Colorado?! You’re kidding me!!! Where??? Heck, I’ll drive all the way the kingdom-come! Wow – already something to look forward to this year!

  6. Carol

    Son Jeff in the Black Hills said he’d be happy to join me on an Ottmar concert at Boulder…two days before Christmas….I’m not sure. I hope so.


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