Moths in the Studio

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Expert came by the studio today and declared that both the recording room and the control room have moths… apparently it is only in the larvae stage that they eat stuff and wool is their favorite… will set pheromone traps as well as some other immediate larvae killer…


  1. dave

    You may have to bring in Godzilla. After all, he took care of Mothra, the queen of all moths.

  2. Carol

    Those rugs are beautiful I hope there’s not much damage. Well, that’s one thing about South Dakota’s winters. There aren’t too many insects flitting around looking for new homes and yummy delectables.

  3. Kiyomi

    Wait a minute, Dave. In the earlier episodes, Mothra was the good one and Godzilla was the bad one! Seriously, I put sachets of dried lavender in my closets to keep moths away, and it helps… OK, it would not work in this case, the studio is much too big. :-(


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