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I bought this tiny pot when I visited a teahouse in Singapore in 1993. There they used glass pots to boil the water and each table had their own gas flame to bring the water to just the right temperature – the Chinese distinguish between many different degrees of boiling. You can find some links here and here and here and here. Do I drink tea this way often? Nope. I mostly use this pot for everyday convenience:


  1. Matt Callahan

    Where did you get your everday pot? I do like my Japanese pot but it does take a bit more time than I can spare. I always hate it when I have to rush when using it. It feels like a ceratin amount of cermony is required.

  2. Carol

    Looks like something from MOMA?

  3. Kiyomi

    Wow, I could log in at once! Doesn’t happen very often.
    Matt, you can make a good cup of Japanese green tea with a simple (but preferably made of bamboo) tea strainer. When you make it in a pot, it’s important that you pour the pot empty every time. This is a golden rule to me, while I wouldn’t care much about the temperature of the water (because I seldom have the very expensive “sencha” :-( ).

  4. Carol

    I have a wee tea infuser, but that looks like like such a handy as well as lovely teapot. Looks like a fun way to start the day. Can you tell us where we might be able to purchase one like it, Ottmar?

  5. Ottmar

    All will be revealed in a little while.


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