Peregrine’s nu winery

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(completed in Nov 2003) is designed to be both functional and a piece of art in harmony with the landscape. Whilst the winery itself is built underground, the free floating roof depicts the wing of the Peregrine bird and mimics the schist rock which rises out of the ground throughout the Gibbston area. Already chosen as one of the 80 most architecturally important wineries in the world, it will hopefully stimulate people’s perception as what is possible yet unobtrusive in our landscape. The winery is situated next to our old historic Wentworth woolshed and marries the past and present use of the land surrounding us, from a high country fine wool sheep station to a boutique, quality focused wine producer.

Emerging Architecture Award December 2004: But in the end, the building did not earn its award for careful organization of the production process (though that was obviously not unimportant). The huge, calm gently curving silvery canopy floating over the massive base, all set among the orderly vineyards, makes an irresistible and poetic vision of civilization amid wild nature, and the jury was unanimously convinced by it.

I found another photo of this building here:

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  1. Carol

    Isn’t that beautiful….At first glance, I thought it was a lake. Very nice.


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