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Biojewelry uses lab grown human bone tissue as a design material. Their intention is to have nuptial rings created from the bone tissue of both people to be wed.
(Via Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting.)


  1. Greg Hale

    Well the Flintstones come home to reality…I can imagine that the actual harvesting of bone from both couples may very well hurt worse than the divorce to follow… (for a theoretical 50%)

  2. Carol

    I do think I’d rather keep my bones on the inside. How about a few hairs instead?

  3. Carolynn

    This seems kinda creepy. No thanks…

  4. Monsoon

    I can’t look, it gives me the willies!

  5. Victor

    So in the future the term “slip her the bone” will mean “to get married”???

  6. Carol

    …and the old tale goes”I’ll grind your bones to make my bread.
    I imagine the first one of those two that dies will be cremated and turned into a sort of engagement ring for the other?

  7. Panj

    LOL…ouch…I agree Carol…:-)))…and some. thought a drop of blood from each partner in a vial to be worn around one’s neck was weird…LOL…first good laugh I have had in ages about love related topics…LOL…
    ‘sealed with a kiss’ does seem a bit tame now…:-)))

  8. Yumiko

    Biojewelry does make the cubic zirconia look more attractive….


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