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Music: Confi de Fua – Jose Merce

Tito Martinez said…Ottmar, you seem to be quite an iPod advovate. With you being quite knowledgeable about recording and producing, does it bother you at all that you have to squash the resolution out of music to put them in your iPod? I understand that the convenience is great, it sure beats having to change CD’s every so often. If you know that you are recording your music at a specific resolution to get a high quality recording does it bother you to get the resolution out to be able to hear it in your Ipod. I know that most people would probably not be able to tell the difference. I just would like to know what you think.

Well, Tito, I believe the people have spoken on this matter and they have chosen convenience over ultimate quality, i.e. mp3s over DVD Audio.

But I don’t have to limit my iPod to mp3 or AAC files. I often put AIFF files, which are in fact the files I burn on a Master CD for duplication, on my iPod when I am working on mixes. I seem to remember a HiFi magazine’s review of the iPod, declaring it an excellent listening device for high-end stereo – if you are willing to carry less music since an AIFF file is about 10 times larger than a 128kbps mp3 or AAC file. That would mean you carry 1,000 songs instead of 10,000 – big deal.

Interesting Tidbit: since Steve Jobs is hard of hearing, he has insisted on the iPod being the loudest mp3 player. I have never been able to turn it up beyond 3/4…

I have not decided how to record my next album, for release in 2006, but I have a feeling that I will record 16bit/44,100Hz again as most people do not care for higher quality than that. Unfortunately a small company like SSRI can not afford to make small editions of SA-CD or DVD Audio for a few High Fidelity fans. However, I will make some test recordings before I make that decission.

PS: and since I enabled my iPod for Disc Use, I can also use it like a regular HD – to carry those indispensable back-up files while I am on the road…


  1. Matt Callahan

    Considering the amazing clarity in the recording of La Semana, I think there is little need for change. I do look forward to my purchase of some “higher end” headphones so I can open up the experience a little more.

    In my headphone research, I’ve found a great many people have written off portable CD players due to poor sound quality. Hard drive players seem to be the way to go.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, out of curiosity, how much capacity does your iPod have, and how much of it is filled up, either with regular music to listen to, your own mixes, etc.?

  3. Ottmar

    I just checked my 40GB iPod and I have about 4GB available.


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