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Woke up at 3AM last night and was wide awake. Decided to play with my OKM binaural microphones and recorded the sound of the iPod click-wheel clicking, then the pages of a book turning. Wrote some notes for the next album (2006):
Change title from Close Up to Up Close.
Record turning pages of a book with the Neumann mike in the studio – better, i.e. quieter, pre-amp. Found the perfect hardcover book for that.
Record dry leaves crumbling.
Record the even breathing of a person sleeping – myself?


  1. Matt Callahan

    And so it begins. I think I may save these comments on the creation process and read them again once the CD is released. I think I like the title Up Close better than Close Up. It has a more intimate feel.

  2. Adam Solomon

    I’ve got to agree with Matt, both parts. Better, more personal name, and these are things we have to save until 2006! COOL ideas, btw ;)

  3. Carol

    Nothing like insomnia to create a wonderful new concept in music. But sleep well tonight..okay?

  4. Borya

    For a couple of days I was thinking if a simple CLOSE would suit me more a title for your album than CLOSE-UP because it indicates your intensity and your emotional abilities that you express thru your music more IMO. But then I thought, the idea of CLOSE-UP is a very good one and the associations of CLOSE are in there too. Somehow CLOSE-UP spunds more technical than CLOSE. As for your idea of turning it around, speaking of UP CLOSE, you become two words and a reader automatically starts thinking about the two words individually than in the case of CLOSE-UP. UP indicates something new, new energy, a new morning, energetic music, makes me think of the underlying motivation of INNAMORARE you were writing about. And CLOSE is a very intimate thing that represents the melodic, emotional, passionate side of your music.
    I like CLOSE-UP and the idea behind it but on a first thought I’d tend to UP CLOSE as well.

    The sounds you want to record and maybe put on the album a wonderful ideas. Are you snorring, by the way? Just kidding. You can try recording yourself – would you have to let a mic run the whole night then next to your bed?
    But what about recording the even breathing of a sleeping child and the peace, the openness and new energy collecting curiosity that lies within?

  5. Carol

    I really like that title to describe your music that is always personal and has an intimacies like no other. And the coming one sounds even more-so. it’s exciting to think about. And I like “Up Close”(lovely) much better than just “Close” or “Close-Up” because it won’t be confused with the ‘Close’ that means ‘shut’which would seem like the album had a completely opposite tone.

  6. Carol

    I may wake up at midnight tonight to wish every one of you a Happy New Year, but in case I snore right through, I’ll say it now.Happy New Year!! What a great bunch of Bloggers! I look forward to our 2005 together.

  7. Borya

    Good point, Carol. In my language, we use different words. No danger of confusing.


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