Flickr Sucks!

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  1. Panj

    Well I must say I have enjoyed all the Flicker Photo’s on your site ottmar…although…I haven’t been able to see them lately…only a little black square…but I am soooo glad I got to see what I did…perhaps this is the Flicker Hater’s problem too…:-)
    By the Way…not to change the subject to drasticly, but I was a bit flip when advising you that you had perfectly good reason to be arrogant..:-)..I Ching cautions…be careful Grasshoppper…:-)))

  2. Victor

    Well, I’ve been using Photobucket – I guess because I have a tendency to be un-cool. A few weeks after I added some pictures one of their servers crashed and all the people with account names in the U-W range lost their albums. No big deal – I just took a Kava and uploaded them again. But I’m going to switch to Flickr soon because it has more album features (e.g. both public and private sections, commenting on pictures, etc.). And maybe it will give me a degree of coolness.


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