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Music: Listening Lounge stream – OL

We have posted November and December downloads in the LIstening Lounge. For November we decided to post three full-length songs from La Semana for those people who have hesitated to buy the album. Listen and you will find out that, like fine wine, I get better with age. Makes me shiver just to think of what I will cook up next…

For December we posted another Christmas song from 1001 Christmas Nights. The album is about half-finished and will be released in Fall of 2005, followed by a possible short tour during the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Oooooh, new song!! I’ll listen right now….but no, I’m in the school library :( Maybe later…and looking forward to the album!

  2. salma

    Thanks for your generosity Ottmar!
    ‘Bethlehem’ is such a peaceful song. The world needs more of them.

  3. Monsoon

    The echo’s of another great song are in there. I’m digging it.

  4. Sebastian

    Thank you very much, Ottmar!
    Happy Holidays 2u2.

  5. Matt Callahan

    Ha! I just podcasted these songs freom the lounge. OL, I think the podcast is THE way to go. Thanks for getting me started.

  6. Panj

    LOL…’you’ shiver…heehee…just think of what we do awaiting also…:-)))

  7. Borya

    I’m very curious what the Christmas album will be like, which songs it will contain. Doesn’t look like Villancicos flamencos, but what you’ve already shown to us is really beautiful. What beautiful Christmas is it going to be next year!

  8. Borya

    Okay, Mr. Frank Zappa! A little flavour of Evening (Languid Pace) in the new christmas song. :-) Wonderful crossing. I enjoy the electric guitar very much. It’s like a clear sound in a cold starry winter’s night.


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